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Self Portrait in Words

My works might look like a very divergent aggregate in a wide variety of media. They do however all follow a number of interwoven themes and methods that I have been investigating over the past decades.  I am perhaps rebelling against the ideas of fashionable contemporary art, “isms” and trends. Like Cartier-Bresson’s  “decisive moment” I see the importance of unearthing something deeper that transcends time and the medium used.  My works are more an archetypal memory of things and concepts, with a surface that might surprise you.  At present I am inspired by ancient rock paintings, great achievements of men, Especially James Lovelock's wonderful "Gaia" metaphor and the simple details of nature itself.

I am increasingly convinced that people are being deprived the inspiration and calming effects of nature and art. Instead they can become mesmerized by the many distractions of modern life.

At the start of 2015 I began establishing an extended work place for my art, becoming an artist in residence at large in nature. I have even began calling myself a geo-eco artist to better describe the themes I work with. Practicing my art in such a large space has been great but very few people get to see and appreciate my work. So I find I need to reach back into the modern world, to maintain the connections to the various spheres of the internet, WiFi, cafe culture, galleries, other artists, e-publishing and social media, so I can share this insight on the very screens that are already distracting so many. My Daily Project of 2016 has been a beginning, giving those interested the opportunity
follow me, seeing something original and worthy of display on their favourite screen.

My next project "An  Endless Summer" is still in the planning and will hopefuly take up all of 2017 by following the sun across Australia. Follow me on Social media

Norm Hanson,  October 2016

Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.
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