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Endless Summer Project
(Following The Australian Sun)

This is an art project about visiting iconic landscapes of Australia during their sunniest periods. It is planned to be a yearlong project, sometimes travelling, other times returning home and to the studio. The works will be simply based around sunshine and water as art, photographs and inspiration, and strive to capture the light and special features of the places visited.

Australian climate does not really have four European or North American style seasons, except perhaps Tasmania.  Aboriginal culture incorporates five to seven seasons. Some places just have the wet and the dry. There is always someplace in the sun somewhere in Australia.  The classic Australian summer can sometimes be unpleasantly scorching hot, which is why so many flock to the beaches. Many days in Australian spring and autumn would be called summer elsewhere. This project seeks to follow that summer light and feel.

The trip is still in the planning stage, the type of trip can vary from a basic road trip to organised tour (eg. cruise). The accommodation could vary from house swaps, artist retreats, motels and hotels. It is necessary to spread the trips across the year to follow the sun but aiming for one trip a month and a minimum of 5 days. Some states will need to be visited more than once.

I've set up a few social media places to follow my journey

Expected artistic out comes

At least three photobooks
1. About making the art – collecting reference, seeing, a sense of the place
2. The Trip  (in photos and stories)
3. Colours of an Australian Endless Summer

Two Exhibitions
1. A Sense of Place – Sketches, pastels, photos
2. Colours of an Endless Summer – Paintings, Photos

I am seeking Sponsors, Grants and Artist Residency Opportunities
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