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This may turn out to be a rather rash decision, made at new year, to practise flexing a bit more creativity muscle by taking a photograph and doing a sketch everyday. Yes thats Every Day! Don't judge them to harshly they are exercises not finished artworks. Not everything I post is public, so you will have to follow me to see all the works.  I also didn't make any significant research (it might have been wise to do so) into the best social web service to use. I just wanted to avoid facebook (since they believe they own everything you post) and google which has been frustrating me lately. So for better or worse I'm using Flickr & Tumblr and occasionally on-posting to my blog, google+ and/or twitter if and when that seems approapriate.

This began as an experiment and has settled in as a routine and fun. I've added a couple of extra places I regularly post to if you would like to follow along (see links below).

My Daily Photo
My Daily Photo
Generally Panoramic Squared
Getting a bit more creative on Instagram
My Imstagram Grid View Has Gone Panoramic

I can see you #lucid #deepdream #seeing #hayfeverseason

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Occasional Squares
Weekly Photo Challenge
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