At Imageo we don't follow the trends, we set them. 

Our History 

Our consultancy Imageo, was established in 1990, specifically to foster a return to common sense in the collection and management of earth science information using the media of computer systems. Business expanded and in June 1993 Norm established a company called Visionary Earth Science Pty Ltd, but still trades under the name Imageo. His work includes Resource Estimation & Ore Reserve Reporting, Quality Assurance, Pit and Cut-off Optimisation, Strategic Mine Planning, Grade Control, Reconcilliation and Training. 

Our Philosophy 

We pride ourselves on understanding the issues and opportunities in the mining & exploration industry. Our company is committed to quality and the understanding of uncertainty. Getting the big picture in focus early in a project is an important priority to reduce risk. 
Today computers do offer an excellent range of techniques to assist and improve exploration, discovery, resource estimation and mining.
Sadly these computers are seldom used in a cost effective manner. Visionary Earth Science has been established specifically to foster a return to common sense in the collection and management of earth science information. Having confidence in your data is fundamental to gaining any benefit from processing it. This is particularly important for resource and reserve estimates, where knowledge of the accuracy and precision of input data has a significant affect on the level of risk involved. 

Computer assisted mine design, scheduling and simulations have come a long way in the past few decades but a lot of production management and monitoring is via traditional approaches and relatively ad hoc supervision.

Anyway you can only dig up what’s exposed and deliver what’s supposed to be ore to the mill and they have to do what they can with what’s supplied! Right!

Wrong, it need not be like that. Imageo which has experience over 3 decades of development and implementation of these strategic plans. We now offer a set of comprehensive services to help you convert your strategically optimized mine plans in reality

Norm Hanson is the principal of Imageo. He graduated in Geology from RMIT in 1972. He has worked continuously in the mining industry both in Australia and overseas. He has developed a special interest in computing and mathematics in exploration and mining, presenting many papers on these subjects over the past decades. Norm holds a deep commitment to quality assurance in resource estimation and exploitation.