Services & Training

Our consultancy has concentrated on computer applications in mining, particularly on data collection for Resource Estimation, Mineral Exploration and Resource Optimization. 
We offer the following services: 

 Staff Training

We strongly recommend developing the necessary skills and depth of understanding in your staff using the computer. It ensures that they can use the computer "tool" like any skilled craftsman to create the information product you were after. Further it guarantees work can be completed in a timely fashion.

For efficiency's sake, your staff should be taught respectable levels of proficiency

Training is the key to your future.

Imageo has training courses and workshops covering, grade control,  sampling practices, monitoring accuracy and precision of assaying, Pit Optimization, Strategic Mine Planning and impilmenting an optimised Life of Mine Plan

Pit & Cut-off Optimization 

Imageo uses and recommends the Geovia's Whittle Pit Optimization packages for all surface mine evaluations. These integrates the Lerchs-Grossmann algorithm with economic sensitivity analysis. It provides a powerful tool to determine optimum project size and evaluate the impact of various economic and physical Constraints. This allows Imageo to craft a very robust estimate of likely reserves and potential risk. 
Imageo is also a leader in using the Opti-cut Cut-Off Optimization program 
Optimization can make a marginal project profitable and a good project better. 


Data Preparation, Cleaning, Validation and Presentation

Imageo can review your large computer files and databases, in association with hard copy data. The information is verified and compiled in standard portable machine readable formats. That mouthful is computer jargon to say the data is reformatted to suit the widest possible range of computer systems. A important feature of our work is our structured database documentation to help keep the datasets valuable for future processing.

Don't let your data languish in a filing cabinet put it to work.