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Stay At Home
Stay At Home Photowalks
This is still a series about Seeing

Norm has been holding a series FREE Photowalks (mainly in Jells Park, Wheelers Hill). The themes and photographic exercises have been loosely based on Freeman Patterson’s “Photography and the Art of Seeing”,  Rich Sammon's "Photo Therapy", Carl Purcell’s “Artist Brain” with a little of Max Meldrum’s “The Science of Appearance” plus some stuff from my blog posts.

The Actual Photowalks are on hold during the COVID-19 "social distancing" (or at least till restrictions on public gathering are reduced and we can resume safely).
Photo walking while you are staying at home may sound a bit counterintuitive. However, you can practice your photography around the house just as easily as you can at an exotic location. At home everything is familiar and you will need to start seeing your place in a slightly deeper way.

Follow along as I post ideas and give examples of how I tackled the challenges on my blog.

Going with the Flow (on zoom)
Sunday 26th April, 2:00pm
Find your Focus” … Rick Sammon (a Sammonism from Photo Therapy Motivation and Wisdom)

This is not a warm and cuddly, group hug session. Whilst it follows the ideas of photo therapy and mindfulness you won’t have to chant or silently meditate. It is just a walk that explores ways to connect with the moment, experience the place, and unfurl creativity. Enjoy freeing your mind of distractions and focusing on the here and now. It is the type of photo therapy that is good for your health and soul.

Creative Visualization
Sunday 17th May. 2:00 pm via Zoom

Different photographers have called it different things. Ansel Adams Talks about "Pre- Visualiztion", Henri Cartier-Bresson talks about the eye seeing a composition or an expression of life as "The Decisive Moment", Rick Sammon uses the term "Creative Visualization". All these approaches involve understanding how you get to the final picture. What you take in camera might only part of what you envisage. So we will take the opportunity of a Zoom Meeting to take turns Images or share with us the software you use and take us through an example.

Creative Visualization II
Wednesday 15th July 7:30pm via Zoom

This will replace an actual walk, which is further postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions. It is simply a follow on to topics and techniques we didn't look at in the last zoom meeting. I will email details a week in advance.
Side Stepping PhotoWalking Roadblocks
August 26th, 7:30PM

The Stage 4 lockdown, really puts the brakes on our ability to get out and do some photography, for at least the foreseeable future.  Well unless it is exercise, you are by yourself, wearing a mask and it is within 5km of your house (the basic strategy of the renew strict restricts are designed to limit everyone's contact with others, so this pushing the limits of exceptions and doesn't follow that strategic aim of interacting with fewer potentially infected folk, and may put you at extra risk)

However there are plenty of other things photographic that we can undertake. Come and share your best ideas

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