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Stay At Home
Stay At Home Art Projects

This a little bit ad-hoc and related to my contributions to the Watercolour Society of Victoria

As I am experminernting in the world of video conferencing and others ways to stay connected during the extended period of social distancing because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. So for now this is a rag-tag group of ideas that you might like to follow along. Importtantly they will focus on things your alrteadyb have or can find easily.
Say Hello with a Watercolour Postcard

Some background on using Watercolour Postcards as a way to say hello during the COVID19 Isolation. Also how to tear a half sheet of Watercolour paper into 8 postcards, plus a bonus way to store them.

You can also see my occasionaly postcards posted in The Watercolour Victoria Group on Facebook
Quick Tips on YouTube

Here’s one good thing, however small, to come out of this pandemic.  I have begun publishing “YouTube Quick Tips”.  These have grown out of my investigations into streaming technology and the use of virtual cameras, which of course is really driven by the need for the Watercolour Society of Victoria to stay relevant and to assist our members during the COVID-19 restrictions.

I was learning what might be possible on Zoom, just as everyone else has been forced to do.  Those that know me will realise I like to find out how things work.  That applies just as much to learning the techniques, formats and jargon in the live-streaming video world as it does to putting marks on paper.  I live on the principle that there is always lots more to learn.  I also like to share that knowledge.  (OK, I know it can be boring sometimes, but I still like it.)         

So, short little videos created as a single “live stream” sequence (to avoid the horrors of video editors and lengthy rendering sessions) seemed to tick a couple of boxes.  As I keep finding interesting topics, I plan to post a new quick tip weekly-ish on YouTube under a playlist called “Quick Tips from Norm’s Studio”.

Remember these are my observations, and I’m not a watercolour expert.  I’m just “keenly Interested” (reference for fans of the film Young Einstein).  They are not your typical YouTube “10 ways to….” , “7 top techniques…”  or “3 best ways…” videos. They just address a single theme or idea and aim to be short (2-4 minutes).  Finally, remember I’m learning too, so I’d love feedback, corrections, and suggestions for other interesting topics, either in the comments or via email.  You can even “Like” and subscribe to my channel.  
The "Show & Tell" Series

We are coming out of the Covid-19 restrictions, stay at home, socioal distancing. Whilst that should not ave stopped you marking your art it does make it difficilt to share your art works and collabporate with others. Really the only way has been to embrace technology.

This is a series that grew out of the idea to give those with less on-line experience the confidence and tools to present their art in the best possible way in the digital world. Whilst origoinally the plan was only a single video, it was soon obvious that the topic is broad and severfal much shorter videos would be a better approach.
This first video looks at snapseed, a great little free app for your phone to "touch" up a photograph of your art.
 This video both demostrates how to use LOOM, a browser based tool can be used to make a simple video of your art making and also at the same times shows the steps and software tools I use to create my cartoon characters Alvin & Lila People for my meet the people blog.
An Alternative "Dry" Pallette

This is an old video and originally for my blog post, the challenge of watercolours at the beach.

My approach to watercolour sketching when the conditions get harsh, such as windy and sandy at the beach. I use just a water brush & the derwent inktense blocks in their box as a minimum fuss no extra water alternative. Also a manageable small plien-air painting kit with really intense colours.

Photo Reference for Artists

This subproject is a little different. To help you get inspired to paint I have set up an album on my flickr account that has my photos licenced under a creative commons licence. So  you can freely use these images as photoreference, for your own art works. I only ask that you acknowledge me if you post your works on-line. Further the licence is non-comercial so if you intend to sell you artworks please seek permission from me, if I know you you are certain to get it.

If you need a larger copy to download and print please email me.
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