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Thrilled that you've dropped by and want to get in touch with me. Whether you have questions, suggestions, or just want to say Hi Don't be shy – go ahead click on the Contact Norm on email
I totally get that the online world can be a bit dodgy sometimes, with all those phishy emails and dubious offers floating around. So, to keep things simple and reliable i'm sticking to email contact for now.

I do read all your messages, but might have to pass on a few that seem a bit off. Yep, it's sad that we live in a world where we need to be extra cautious, but i'm all about safety first on the internet!

If you're thinking of shooting us your first-ever email, we'd appreciate it if you could hold off on sending any links or overly enthusiastic endorsements of products or services. I'm all about building genuine connections, while definitely keeping  spammers away.

Mobile : (+614) 1730 6965

I call Melbourne home and sometimes the beautiful South Gippsland in Victoria, Australia.
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