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The Pastelist - Nora Hanson

For the Love of Pastels
36th Annual Exhibition
10th - 25 November
Sherbrooke Gallery
62 Monbulk Rd Belgrave

Royal Talens Australia
Artist of the Month
in December
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PSV Annual Exhibition

Wednesday Wanders Presents
2nd - 14th March
AGRA Galleries


Summer People

May & June, Monash Creative Spaces Exhibition
Wheelers Hill Library

  & Oakleigh Library



Photoimpressions :: Wildflowers

September, Monash Creative Spaces Exhibition

The Reading Room

Glen Waverley Library

These are some more large photomosaics created with my photoimpression methology.

August Monash Creative Spaces :: "Photography with an Artist Eyes" Photowalks
Reading Room, Glen Waverley Library

Student Exhibition :: Highly Commended
Victorian Artists Society
430 Albert Street, East Melbourne

The work depicts the relationship between three phases of the existence of the gingko tree as shown by it leaves. The rock background is covered by ancient fossil impressions of the leaves (once very common in cretaceous times about 65million years ago) in a shale, overshadowed by modern leaves representing the cycle of life from fresh green leaves in the spring rains to yellow and dying as winter rains approach
ClimArt :: Artspace gallery
1 Bent St Wonthaggi Vic

An Exhibition of local artist on the themes of Climate Change
2015 -2016
Artist @ Large :: No particular location
Just creations, often fleeting, out in Nature or of the Natural World

At the Highway Gallery
(Mount Waverley)

After a short hiatus the Monash Council have renewed funding this Communiy Gallery

In Search of Sir John Monash : an artistic journey

My works for "In search of Sir John Monash"
, follow on from my previous geological panels and paintings, on the surface they are firmly represented by earthly things, the soil and rocks. Yet they also reflect on three key aspects of Sir John's life. They have been created with the assistance of an art's grant from the Monash City Council, which allowed me to learn about casting and moulding, to bring stronger dimensionality into my geological panels, experiment with a range of materials and hold this exhibition.

The Gaia Birds Revisited, are a series based on my own photoimprerssion technique that pay homage to some of our colourful birds, and James Lovelock's beautiful analogy of Gaia. The Images begin as photographs but I actually strip them of detail, recycle the colours more harmoniously, like any artist might and create a new palette using fractal flames, mathematical shapes and tessellations

Charcoal Sketch of the Military John Monash

The stone fish are largely based around the theme of extinction, and also using geological inspired images and surfaces.  


Tracing the Melanesian Person
Emotions and Relationships in Lihir
by Susan R Hemer

Norm's photo used as the cover illustrationn for this anthropological study.

Monash Gallery of Art
Ramp Gallery
Fractured Threads

An Exhibition of Photography by Rob Brize, Sandy Brize & Norm Hanson

The Dog's Bar, St Kilda

A Project of Planetary Artists, the Dog's Bar & St. Kilda Festival

Gecko Studio Gallery, Fish Creek
Retracing Darwin
To commemorate the 150 th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s The Origin Of Species, Norm Hanson followed the trip Darwin undertook in 1836 from Sydney to Bathurst through the Blue Mountains. This exhibition of Photography, Paintings and Rock Art is inspired by what Darwin saw.

Stockyard Gallery, Foster
Venus Artists

A show of 10 contempory Venus bay Artists inspired by their environment.

Meeniyan Art Gallery, Meeniyan
Woven in Nature

Norm's First One Man Exhibition and covered Photos, Collages and Rock Art inspired by Nature

Monash Galley of Art
Ramp Gallery & Community Exhibition Space
Woven in Nature II

Photos & Photo Moasics

included the popular Children of Lihir Series

2007 -2011
Venus Bay Community Centre
Venus Artists Contempory Showcase

Run on the long weekend in March

Surf's Up

An Exhibition for Venus Bay Artists held at the Surf Life Saving Club. Norm help organize the inital exhibition which has now become Inspiration by the Bay

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