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Rediscovering Interesting stuff about Colour for Creatives

Welcome to "Mastering the Rainbow" - an exploration of the wonderful world of colour. This serialized journey spanning updates here, many blog posts, YouTube videos, and occasional social media posts, is a progress report of my decade-long quest to unravel the mysteries of colour, its elusive nature and the interesting things I have discovered along thw way.

As a geologist and retired part-time lecturer, I've long been fascinated by the scientific method and its ability to shed light on the intricate workings of our world. However, as I delved deeper into the question "What is color?", I found myself venturing down a rabbit hole that grew increasingly complex and paradoxical. Contrary to our everyday experience, I've come to realize that color, as we know it, is not a tangible entity but a highly personal illusion. Colour is not a real thing.

In this series, we'll embark on a historical odyssey, revisiting the groundbreaking discoveries of those who came before us, many of which I unwittingly rediscovered myself – a testament to the cyclical nature of scientific inquiry.

We'll dive into the various representations and models of colour, navigating through the controversies and debates that have shaped our understanding. Brace yourselves, for nothing is more contentious than the application of colour wheels. Fear not, for I shall embrace these geometric shapes as tools to unify disparate ideas and shed light on the counterintuitive aspects of what we call colour theory.

Through practical examples and hands-on fun, you'll have the opportunity to convince yourself of the profound insights that await. Whether you're an artist, a photographer, or simply a curious soul, this series promises to broaden your perspective on the kaleidoscopic world that surrounds us.

The vibrant realm of colour is a wondrous canvas upon which we create and experience art. Join me on this journey, and together, we'll unlock the secrets of the rainbow.
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