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Tuesday 21st May, 10:00am till 2:00pm-ish
Parlimentary Gardens, East Melbourne
En Plein Air Paint Out & About

As part of the "Luminous: A Festival of Watercolour" celebrating 50 years of the Watercolour Society of Victoria. I will be leading a paint out at Parlimentary Gardens on the corner of Albert Rd and Nicholson St. East Melbourne.
Join me for a plein air painting challenge on Tuesday, May 21st from 10am to 3pm at Parliament Gardens in Melbourne. This triangular park is located opposite Parliament Station at the intersection of Albert Rd and Nicholson St.

I'll be experimenting with using different artists' colour palettes set up as simple dot charts on DVDs for portable plein air painting. With the changing light over the 5 hour period, I plan to do 3-4 paintings/sketches:

1) An English-style palette based on Andy Evansen's recommendations, doing a value study first.  
2) A palette inspired by Van Gogh's later oil palettes, using more permanent modern pigment equivalents.
3) A dramatic, moody palette inspired by J.M.W. Turner, focusing on warm vs cool colours.
4) My usual 6-hue palette for intense, high-chroma color mixing.

There are plenty of subjects to paint in the compact garden setting. Even if not painting, stop by to watch me work and then visit the watercolor exhibition. A fun day of plein air creativity!

5-july 2024 to 5 August 2024
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