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Wednesday Wanderers is something that started during the COVID-19 lockdowns, It has evolved into roughly a one hour zoom session each fortmight at 10am, where we all paint from a photo supplied by one of the group.

Schedule for remainder of Term IV
  • Wednesday, Dec 13

We do not publish the zoom invite here. If you need an invite please email either Jane or Norm (you should know their emails)

If you haven't already indicated you'd like to participate in The PostCard Christmas Exchange please email Jane.

Gallery of the photos from the Past few weeks
Viewing and Interacting with Images:
  • To see a larger version of an image, simply click on the thumbnail.
  • For a full-screen view, click the box of outward-pointing arrows in the upper right corner. Alternatively, use the + magnifying glass to zoom in.
  • If you're in full-screen mode, the display controls will disappear after a moment.

Image Organization:
  • The thumbnails are presented in pairs, ranging from the newest to the oldest images.
  • The first coloured image is the original, while the second is a tonal study featuring 5 distinct tones. This tonal breakdown may help with drawing and composition.

Important Notes:
  • Please remember that you can now download these images; they are available for painting conveniance, please to don't repost them.
  • The gallery is updated every two weeks with fresh content.
  • These photos are provided with the intention that creative individuals can use them for their artwork. Feel free to paint these images and share your work on social media, websites, competitions, or even sell your paintings.
  • If you decide to publicly display your work based on these photos, kindly give credit to the original photographer.
We hope you enjoy exploring and creating with these images!

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