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I have been investigating AIart for some time

A key moment that convinced me there was  some creativge millage in using my own artwork to train an AI to "understand" my style was an image I created of Table Rock in Beaumaris back in june 2017, using Google Deep Dream. This is also shown in my hand drawn photos project.

The developments in generative AI art have been accelarating and its is impossible to really keep up, but I do try in my blog

To illustrate the improvements. I'm using the same text prompt (not too complex by the standards a lot of "Prompt Specialists", who I mostly consider as the copycopycat "lookatme" brigades on social media rather than truely creatives)

"bright blue sky granite rocks silhouetted trees with strong reflections watercolor painting by hans heysen"

The image on the left was created using Dall-E 2 and the image on the left was created in Stable Diffusion 1.5.
The images below are my own painting (for a recent Wednesday Wanderers) on the left hand side and the Style Tranfser generated by reprocessing the original photo using the style taken from my painting on the right hand side. I'm using the style transfer at Nightcafe Studio here.
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