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If you would like to be notified of the next Photowalk, Exhibition, Workshop or related events, and the occassional free downloadable. Please register you email address by click on the big red button below.  
Having a single email list managed by mailchimp makes it much easier for me to send out notifications. You will always be in control and able to unsubscribe using the link towards the end of any email I send.
You may find you are already on the list because you have registered for one of the walks via eventbrite, and you will recieve a mail chimp error message that you are already subscribed, and you will find a blue underlinelink, click on it  to update ypur profile, make a correction or unsubscribe.
In light of recent developments regarding social media ethics and content usage, I've decided to make some changes to how I share my artwork online.
Why These Changes?
I'm concerned about:
- Unauthorized use of my content
- AI systems scraping my artwork
- Maintaining control over my creative output
What's Changing:
- Reducing posts on social media platforms
- Limiting the publication of large versions of finished works
- Focusing on sharing here through my personal blog and website
How You Can Help
To support my continued work and the maintenance of my independent platforms, I've implemented a "Buy Me a Coffee" system. This allows you to:
- Make one-time contributions
- Show your appreciation without ongoing commitments
- Help offset the costs of hosting and creating content

Your support, even for just one virtual coffee, using the yellow  button on the right. is greatly appreciated and helps fuel my artistic journey.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support!
Buy Me A Coffee
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